Wistia Video for Industrial Business

Wistia Video for Industrial BusinessIf you’re thinking about using videos to market your industrial business, you’ve no doubt heard of YouTube, but what about Wistia? Wistia is video hosting for your business that may provide you more benefits over YouTube.

Great Reasons to Use Wistia

  1. Your Prospects Come To Your Site

While you may get more views on YouTube, if viewers share your video, the link will take other viewers directly back to YouTube, not your website. They will still need to click on links in your profile to get to your website, which means you could be losing a lot of opportunity for conversion.

Wistia sends them directly to your industrial website.  Getting viewers directly to your website will allow them to see what your business is all about and even sign up for your newsletter, all options you won’t have with YouTube.

  1. Analytics

Want to know how viewers are engaging with your videos and website? Wistia offers great analytics that let you know exactly how your visitors are engaging. You can see how long they watched your videos, what other videos they watched, what they clicked on your website, and more.

  1. Email Capture

Wistia allows you to add a feature requiring a visitor to enter their email address at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the video. And you can link it to your email newsletter provider so the addresses are automatically added.  This in itself is a great reason to use Wistia for your industrial business.

  1. Drive Traffic to Your Sales Page

In addition to capturing email addresses, Wistia allows you to add a clickable link at the end of your video so that you can drive more traffic to your sales page or anywhere else you’d like your viewers to see.

  1. Ad-Free

Your viewers can watch your videos ad-free, unlike YouTube. Since this is where YouTube makes most of its money, every video has an ad of some sort, which can be distracting to viewers. It can even deter viewers from watching certain videos.

  1. You Can Design the Look of Your Video Player

Wistia has a SuperEmbed Builder that allows you to design your own video player so the look blends seamlessly into your site. You can change the color and size, add your social media links, create custom thumbnails, and more. It’s easy to use and you can even get help from Wistia’s great support team if you need it.

  1. SEO

With Wistia’s built-in SEO tools, you can easily make your video rank on Google. The tools are very user-friendly, even if you’re not a tech-geek. Add metadata, tags, title, description, and other info to help your video find its place on page one of Google.

If you haven’t considered Wistia before, or even heard of it, it’s time to check out all the amazing features it offers to help you build your online following for your industrial business through videos.


Wistia has a free version limited to 3 videos at a time or a monthly fee version.

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