4 Top Reasons Why Your B2B Business Needs a Blog

B2B Business BlogYou may be wondering if you need a  B2B blog for your company. The answer is . . .yes! Blogging is definitely becoming more popular, but many blogs are about lifestyle or recipes or DIY projects. Why would your company need a blog? Especially if you’re marketing to other businesses.

Before we talk about why you need a blog, let’s first take a look at what a blog is. As a page on your company website, your blog is a place to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Your clients can find valuable information there, helping them to build their trust and interest in your company. You can also use your blog to showcase products and services you’d like to sell. Showing your prospects how your products can help them, is a great way to increase your sales and a blog is a perfect platform for that.

Now that you know what it is, let’s talk about why you need one.

Reasons For a B2B Blog

  1. SEO

A blog can help improve your company’s search engine optimization (SEO). The more pages of content you have on your site (and each blog post is a page) Google has more to “read” so it improves your chances of appearing in search engine results. Even at the top of those search engine results. It may surprise you to know that websites with a blog have, on average, over 400% more pages to “read” than those without.

Be sure that you’re creating content around the keywords that your clients and prospects are searching to improve your chances of being found. Using keywords in your title, the first line of your content, and at least a couple of times throughout your post will increase your chances of ending up at the top of Google searches.

  1. Evergreen

Posting content on your blog is different from advertising in the sense that its effects will last much longer. If you take out an ad in a magazine or on social media, your ad will show for as long as you’ve paid for it. But with your blog, the content remains and can (and will) still be found by search engines months and years after it’s posted. It’s free, long-lasting advertising. And if you link your posts to other posts, it will increase your site traffic and the amount of time that people spend on your site. They’ll come to read one post but find a link to a previous post that may interest them and they’ll stick around to read more.

  1. Leads

Not only will a blog generate more leads to your site, it will generate qualified leads. People who are searching for the content you’re posting are clearly interested in the product or service you offer. This is another reason why using keywords is so important. You don’t want to just attract more visitors, you want to attract visitors who need you. That’s what a blog post can help you achieve.

  1. Conversions

Over time, a blog can increase the number of conversions from prospects to clients. While a prospect may not have an immediate need for what you offer, if they find your content interesting and useful, it will keep them coming back until they do have a need. By then, they’ll think of you as an expert in what you do and they’ll be more likely to hire you.

If your company doesn’t already have a blog on your website, it’s time to start creating content, add a blog page, and include your B2B blog in your marketing plan. While it may take some time to get going, once it does you’ll see a significant increase in traffic and sales.

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