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I met with Oil & Gas Services company this morning about their outdated website.

The owner of the company said “Our current website is only 5 years old has web technology changed that much?”

Before I answered, I thought about this past Sunday.  I was flipping channels  between the NFL Games and the NASCAR race at Talladega.

During one of the NFL games, an NFL commercial came on about how advances in technology have made the game safer for all to play.

During most NASCAR races, they have a Television commentator discuss the advances in technology that the NASCAR cars have gone through.

They talk about how the technology has changed in the past couple of years to make the cars a lot safer at the speeds they are now reaching.

The updates in technology were very relevant in the last lap crash at Talledega on Sunday, October 7th, 2012.


Every driver involved in the crash walked away with no major injuries.

For Web Technology, what has had the most impact in the past 5 years is how we view the internet.

The use of tablets and smart phones have had a great impact on Web Technology.

When is the last time you pulled up your own website on a tablet PC or your cell phone? How does it look and function.

Can you navigate through the different web pages?

Is the phone number on your site written in text so it’s one click to call when someone opens your website on their smart phone.

Do you really need all those web pages to accomplish the purpose of your website?  Your current website does have a clear call to action?  (This action might be to get visitors to your website to call, email, download, buy, etc)

Content Management Systems (CMS) have changed in the past 5 years and now it should be quite easy to make changes to your website, in-house.

Don’t get me started on all the changes that Search Engines have gone through in the past 5 years that affect the way your website is viewed and ranked.

So just like the NFL and NASCAR web technology is changing for the better!







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