Venus Transit

If you want to see the transit of Venus, Tuesday is your last chance this century.

The next transit will be 2117.  That’s right.  2117.

During the transit, Venus will pass directly between Earth and the sun.  Venus will appear as a tiny dark circle.  This tiny dark circle will appear near the top of the sun and slowly move down across it.

Observers in North America will see Venus on June 5 around 6:04 p.m. EDT until sunset. The entire transit lasts over six hours.

Astronomy is not one of my many hobbies.  What was interesting to me is the number of websites and even an app that were built around this historic 6 hour event.

A website who’s sole purpose is to promote an event that will last 6 hours and then will not happen again this century.

One of these websites is .  The site is very well designed and provides a real good overview of the Transit of Venus directly from the home page.  Who has time to dig for the information, remember the transit of Venus is only 6 hours long.

Specific industrial companies could benefit from an event like this.  Take into consideration that looking directly at the sun can cause eye damage.  So it is said that No 14 Welding Glass can be used to view events such as these.

A simple blog  or social media post about the Transit of Venus with a mention that you sell No 14 welding glass might draw some extra traffic to your website. Who knows if the industrial buyer at Plant X has a son who loves astronomy and by reading your post he now knows of a new welding vendor.  Funnier things have happened online, you never know…

If you are interested in seeing the Transit of Venus, please remember not to look directly in to the sun.  Please visit to see the event live online.   They will have 12 different feeds from all over the world.







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