Using Industrial Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

You know the importance of having a Facebook Page for your industrial business.  Now it is time to learn how to make those pages go to work for you and help you engage with your customers.

Facebook Page Tips

Here are a few tips to get your industrial Facebook page buzzing!

Where Can Customers Find You?

  • Add a link to your website on your Facebook Page.
  • Make sure you have completed the entire about section.  Make sure your business hours are listed as well as contact info.  Phone, email, etc.
  • Make sure your Facebook info is included in your offline marketing.
  • Add the “LIKE” button on your website.

Make Your Posts Stand Out

  • Add an eye-catching image to each of your posts will garner a much greater response than those without.
  • A video is even better for grabbing attention.
  • Links – if you ever include an URL it will automatically give you the option of selecting a thumbnail (you can cycle through every graphic on that URL site and select the one you want). For example, if you are driving people to a blog post from your Facebook page, make sure the original post has a relevant and eye-catching graphic within the body text: That way, you can select and display it in your Facebook post.


  • Interact and join conversations.  Talk to people.  It makes them feel special.
  • Maximize visibility and presence by posting regular updates on your wall about your business, your clients, your products, your employees, etc.
  • You can also provide exclusive offers that will generate interest and comments.
  • Build deeper relationships. Use this opportunity to get to know your loyal “fans” and go out of your way to make them feel at home by responding to comments in a timely manner.
  • Gain valuable insights. Learn and study how your audience interacts and make the necessary adjustments to increase and encourage more engagement.
  • Respond when their is a complaint or a message to your company.


Friend Power Makes a Difference

  • Encourage friends to like your page.  Nielsen recently released an advertising study in which they noticed participants showed much greater recall of ads if Facebook friends’ icons appeared under who “Liked” that particular product. They also noted that nowadays, a whopping 90% of all products and services are affected by Friend recommendations. All it takes is one enthusiastic “fan” to snowball your Facebook page on its way to success.

An Older Page?

If you have an old page that hasn’t been active for a while and you want to start using again.   Check out this tips on how to revive an inactive Facebook page.

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