Upstream Marketing Houston Business Journal Ad

If you read the Houston Business Journal, you need to turn to page 7 of the April 15, 2022 issue.  Upstream Marketing has a full-page ad.
I’ve always wanted to say… See our ad in Houston Business Journal.   I hear the saying See Our Ad In.. when I watch tv and a drug company is promoting their latest prescription drug.

We need to thank AAF-Houston for having an online auction back in 2020.   The Houston Business Journal donated a full-page, full-color, ad.   Upstream Marketing was the high bidder!

We decided to wait to run the ad until the time was right.   We recently did a complete website redesign of our website to reflect the new services that we are offering.

The April 15, 2022 issue also has an editorial focus on Green Energy and their Book Of Lists Feature Largest Energy Law Firms.  Upstream Marketing has a lot of experience working with Energy Industry companies.

We decided to come up with an ad that would capture the reader’s attention.  Many B2B ads have a lot of text, so we decided to go with an image and headline that would make the reader stop and view our ad.

Ready for a website that packs a punch is the headline.  The image is a boxer coming out of a laptop screen.   The headline and image work in harmony with each other.  The additional text talks about a website that attracts the right customers, converts leads, and makes their phone ring.   What a website should help do if properly designed. The call to action is a simple let’s talk.  We have our website address and phone number listed.

Now we get to see how many people will make our phone RING from reading the Houston Business Journal and viewing our ad.




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