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Top YouTube Mistake to Avoid

Youtube MistakeSo you have been creating videos to promote your business or product and you want people to take notice and perhaps make a purchase.  Often newbies think I will just make a video about all the benefits of my product and why they should purchase it.  Bad idea!

#1 Youtube Mistake to Avoid:  Purely Commercial Videos

A huge YouTube mistake to avoid is the purely commercial video. Purely commercial videos are bad from a linking perspective, but the biggest reason why purely commercial videos are bad is very simple: They will never go viral.

People don’t pass along commercials unless they believe their friends will like the video. If the video just sells, very few people will see it.

On the other hand, commercial videos that are educational or entertaining in nature can generate a lot of traffic. Budweiser’s commercials are a great example of this. Here is one of my favorites!

Every year, Budweiser spends millions of dollars on their Super Bowl ads. Long after the Super Bowl is over, these videos are still passed around among millions of viewers simply because they’re so funny, shocking or entertaining. Here are several for your review.

No Talk of Sales

Never once do they talk about selling. But long after the superbowl, you will remember the commercials.

Don’t make the YouTube mistake of a purely commercial video.   Your videos don’t have to be funny, they can also be educational. Whatever your style is, make sure your user gets something out of watching your video. If it’s just commercial, the chances of the video “making it” are slim.

I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for this year’s Superbowl commercials. How about you?  We only have a few more weeks to wait!

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