Top 5 Reasons to Follow Up With Your Customers

follow upFollowing up with your industrial or manufacturing customers is an often forgotten step in marketing.  You made the sale and now you are off to find another sale.   But follow up can make or break you.  Customers trusted you with their money, now they still need to know you care.  They will remember you forever if you deliver great “follow up” and customer care.
You can refer to those posts for additional information.
But today, I want to point out the reasons why you absolutely must follow up, even if it is just on a contact lead.

Top Reasons to Follow Up

1.  You fulfill customer expectations and this gives them more reasons to purchase your product or service.
2.  Customers will be loyal to your business for a longer period of time when they feel you care about them and are available to them.
3.  To customers, “follow up” is the same as customer service.  Since following up makes your customers feel special they will tell others business owners about you and your great customer service.
4.  Customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase when you follow-up to check on how the product or service is working out for them.
5.  The businesses you serve want a chance to be heard, when you follow up this provides an opportunity for them to engage with you and be heard.

Ways to Follow Up

There are  a number of ways you can follow up:
Survey – You can always survey customers to get their thoughts.  But I would not depend on a survey alone as follow up.
Email  – Quick and easy, but doesn’t provide that personal touch.  I would email but add an additional layer of contact.
Phone  – Provides that one on one conversation that is needed.   If nothing else, just call and thank them for the purchase and make sure the product/service is working out.
In Person Visit – If you can squeeze in a personal visit, it is the best way to provide a one-on-one conversation and learn how you can best support the customer.

Tip # 41: Follow Up!

Be committed to following up.  In my book, 52 Tips to Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine, I include a tip about this. Tip #41:   Use the “Contact Us” form on your website for generating leads and follow up daily.

If people are contacting you, they are most likely contacting your competitor as well.   The company who follows up in a timely manner will probably get their business.

Follow up isn’t difficult, they already expressed interest.  Just contact them and ask how you can help.

Following up with a customer who has already purchased an item is even easier.  Just ask how it is working or if they need additional help.

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