5 Tips For Using Instagram For Real Estate Marketing

While Facebook tends to be the dominant form of social media when it comes to advertising, Check out our post, Beginner’s Guide to Instagram if you missed it.

Instagram often gets the best results for real estate marketers because it is a more visual medium.

Instagram for Real Estate

Tips for Using Instagram for Real Estate

If you’re considering using Instagram for real estate marketing, check out these tips:

1. Presenting The Audience With Your Own Pictures and Videos

This tip may seem obvious, but the reason your audience has chosen to follow you on Instagram to receive your top listings.

While it may seem easier to outsource the picture taking and video recording to another employee, the real estate audience has never been more savvy and will know when you are relying on another entity to handle this task on your behalf.

Take a moment to read the comments on each of your postings, so that you can learn more about what clients truly think of your business.

2. Ditch The Stock Photos

In addition to taking the photos that you use yourself, you should also be avoiding the temptation to try and cut corners by using stock photos of the homes you are selling.

Users who suspect you of these types of maneuvers can simply search for the image on Google and be directed to the same site that you took your picture from. Since you are already spending a vast amount of time at your listings anyway, take a moment to collect new and original pictures.

3. Know What You Want To Say

When you are creating a video with the objective of showcasing a listing, it is important to prepare a script first, so that you’re not stuttering and stammering through the entire clip.

While speaking in a spontaneous manner allows your videos to seem more relatable, Instagram does not provide you with a lot of time to create a video, so you will certainly need to make the most of it.

4. Create Testimonial Videos

Instagram offers real estate agents the chance to take testimonials to a whole new level, by recording actual clients singing their praises.

While some are rightfully skeptical of testimonials that are provided on real estate websites, seeing a real, live person speak about the benefits of a particular real estate service and how their lives have changed can spur additional customers into action.

5. Showcase Your Personal Side

There are no shortage of real estate agents in the world and those who have success over the long haul are able to develop a more personal connection with their clientele.

Put yourself in the shoes of the potential client: would you rather entrust your time and money to someone who speaks in a monotone voice and never shows off their lighter side or would you rather go with someone who is friendly and personable? The choice is simple.

So there you have it.  My top 5 tips for using Instagram for real estate marketing.  Do you have any ideas to add?

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