The Purpose of Your Website

Purpose of Your websitePerhaps you just registered your domain name and are staring at a blank screen or maybe you are taking a hard look at your current site and getting it ready for the start of 2017.

One of the best places to start is, to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.

The Purpose

What is the true purpose of your website?  Imagine it’s 90 days out.  What would you like from your website?

Some Ideas:

  • Supply qualified leads to your inside sales team.
  • Grow your customer list by ______%.
  • Grow your email list.
  • Introduce your new product line to your target market.
  • We are a seasonal business so grow our one to one meetings before your busy time.
  • Sell more _______________.
  • Attract more _________ that will __________.
  • Increase your call volume by _________.
  • Market your company to a new target market and increase top of mind awareness by 25%.

There are dozens more possible purposes, you must decide the true purpose for your website.

Write It Down

Whatever you decide on, write it down.

I recommend to my clients that they write the purpose of their website on the whiteboard in their office.   Then every time someone comes in to discuss the website you can view the purpose.

This helps when you get off target and all of a sudden you are discussing needing a blog or linking all of your YouTube videos or an animated video for your new website.

What you include on your new website should help you achieve the purpose of your website.  If it does not, don’t include it in this phase.  I say phase because I know there will be those people in your company or organization that you just cannot move away from wanting a particular feature on your website.

Remember when FLASH intros were the hot item and everyone one needed one.  You needed a cool FLASH intro before people entered your site.   Then came along the button that said Skip Intro and the majority of your audience was skipping your intro and then finally the FLASH intro went away when mobile came along since FLASH did not work on mobile devices very well.

Evolving Technology

Technology for websites will always be evolving.  Sometime soon people might be viewing a mini version of your website on their watch.  The purpose of your site can change over time and that is what’s great about online marketing, your website can forever be evolving and changing with your business.

Determining the purpose of your website is just one of the tips I included in my book 52 Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine.  It is available on Amazon Kindle or if you want a personalized autographed copy, please purchase here.


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