Still Struggling With Your Goals

Struggling with goalsThe past several posts have been geared towards setting goals.   Sometimes it is hard to come up with the right goals.  If you are struggling, perhaps you are not asking yourself the right questions.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Below are a few questions that might help you pinpoint goals for you and your business.   Everyone’s goals will be different so don’t try to be like someone else.

  • What one thing could I do that would have the biggest impact on my business in the upcoming year?
  • If I could only choose one goal for my business next year, what would it be? Why is it so important?
  • What did I struggle with the most this past year? What are the chances of struggling again with this and how can I do to improve the outcome?
  • What’s something I did in my business last year that I’d like to be sure to repeat?
  • What would take my business to the next level?   What steps would I need to take to get there?

This type of big-picture questions will help you get clear about your vision and help you focus on your goals in 2018.

Start Small

It’s easy to adopt the attitude of “go big or go home.” Many of us have a tendency to think big.  But once you think big, break it down into the smallest possible steps and start with those small steps.   Otherwise, you just feel overwhelmed and torn between too many options.

Do small things that work towards a larger impact and you will soon see success.

Too Many Goals

Perhaps your problem is having too many goals.  If you’ve got a laundry list of goals for the year, try to narrow it down to just a few things that will really make a difference in your business. Focus on doing a bang-up job on a few things that will have a big impact on your business and let the rest go or save for next year.

Your Best Year

2018 can be your best year yet.  Stop struggling with your goals, narrow your focus and get the goals on paper, break them down and start taking steps to move your business forward.

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