Is the Ultimate Social Media Presence?

Everyone is trying to be social. It’s what social media is all about. Microsoft has just released, their version of a social media site that enhances the socializing experience a little further in a way that only Microsoft can.

Why It’s social, just without all of the vowels. It’s a simple and easy web address to remember. It also takes a whole lot less effort to type into a browser or key into a phone using the tiny keyboard. Four letters can deliver quite an impressive site that makes it much easier to connect with friends and have interesting conversations. is not like Facebook. Maybe it is a little bit, but there are a lot of unique features that make it very impressive in its own right. This includes being able to use search engines and videos in a new format that other social media platforms have yet to explore. Anyone logged onto is able to conduct a search. There’s a search bar that allows someone to type in a keyword phrase. When the results appear, it’s easy to share the search results to show the history. Others may also be able to find what they are looking for from it as well. Any friends that have anything to say, can make comments.  Before long, discussion and commentary begins.

Other social media platforms are effective for those who already have friends. Those who are looking to meet new people will find that is a lot more open to starting new friendships. Discovering new interests can result in connecting with a world of like-minded people. There are a lot of topics waiting that can be explored.

Trying to chat with one person can be fun. Trying to chat with more than one person can be a blast. As the name implies, is designed to help people become more social. There is the ability to start a video party on virtually any topic. Friends can join in and everyone can talk openly with video, audio and text features to keep the party going.

Social media has always been about keeping in touch with people. You can reach out to friends and family easily and your businesses can connect with consumers. But what about those people who want to be social and don’t have the contacts to do so? Microsoft is the first one to identify this need and create a solution.

The solution is It’s a social media presence that adds a new layer to the online experience. When logged onto, people can share ideas, meet people and engage relationships via video, which is unlike any other social site on the web.

Only time will tell if will have the impact of Pinterest, Google+ and other social media sites that are trying to be a little different than the giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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