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We have been talking about Snapchat.  If you are just getting started, you might want to check out our Snapchat for Beginners  and  Snapchat Fsnap story iconriendships posts.

Snap stories are a recent addition to the app. Snap stories are unlike other snaps you send. They are pictures or videos that you post to a feed for all of your friends to see. Your story remains in the feed for 24 hours. The picture or video is still timed, but your friends may watch the snap as many times as they would like to in that 24-hour period.

You can access the snap story feed by tapping on the icon in the lower right corner of your camera screen. It will either look like 3 horizontal lines or a purple square with a number inside of it. The number indicates how many of your friends’ new snap stories that you haven’t seen yet. You can simply swipe left to access the feed as well.

Posting Your Snap Story

To post a snap to a snap story for your friends to see, take a normal snap and tap on the send button if you’re sending it to your friend. At the top of your friend list you’ll see the words “My Story.” To set the snap to your story, tap on the My Story option and tap send again.

Other Features of the Story

 To see which friends have viewed your story, go to the story feed, tap on your story, and swipe upwards. You’ll see a list of friends who have viewed your story. Remember, friends can also see when you have viewed their story.

  • At the top of the story screen, you’ll see the word “Discover.” Click on these stories to see the latest news stories from ESPN, Cosmopolitan magazine, MTV, CNN, National Geographic, and more. These stories are updated every day.
  • Below the Discover feed, there is a “Live” feed. These range anywhere from the Superbowl to the Red Carpet. If there’s a big event happening, the Live feed allows you to view Snapchat users’ stories from that event.

discover and live

  •  If you’re in a highly populated area, chances are, there will be a story feed that covers things around the neighborhood. For example, many universities have Snapchat stories to post to.
  • Many celebrities have public stories. This means that they do not have to add you as a friend in order for you to see their stories. You can often find their Snapchat username in their Instagram bio or on other social media!

So there you have it, the basics of Snapchat Stories.  Our next post will focus on tips for using Snapchat successfully.

Happy Snapchatting!


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