Snapchat Friendships

We are focusing on Snapchat.  In our last post, Snapchat for Beginners, we gave you step by step instructions for getting started with the Snapchat app.  This post will focus on Snapchat Friendships.

One fun thing about Snapchat is its use of emojis.

You’ll see different emojis next to your friends’ names for various reasons.


Below are the various Emojis you could possibly see:


Yellow Heart – This emoji means that you and this friend are mutual “#1 best friends.” This means that you send the most snaps to this person, and they send the most snaps to you.





Red Heart – You’ve been #1 best friends with this user for two weeks straight.





Pink Hearts – The pink hearts mean that you have been #1 best friends with this user for two months straight.





Smiling Face – A smiling face means that you and this user are mutual best friends on Snapchat, but not mutual #1 best friends.





Smirking Face – You are one of their best friends, but they are not one of yours.





Grimacing Face – Your #1 best friend is also this user’s #1 best friend, hence the awkward face.





Face with Sunglasses – One of your best friends is also one of their best friends. You have a mutual best friend.





Baby – This is one of your new friends.





Fire – This indicates a “Snapstreak,” meaning you and this user have sent snaps to one another for multiple days consecutively. The number next to the fire will indicate how many days in a row you’ve snapped one another. You both must participate.




One Hundred – You’ll see this emoji next to someone that you have achieved a 100-day Snapstreak with.





Hourglass – Hurry up! Your Snapstreak is about to end with this person if you do not snap one another.





Gold Star – Someone has used the replay function on this person’s snap within the last 24 hours.





Birthday Cake – If a user has the Birthday Party function enabled in their settings, a birthday cake will appear next to their name on their birthday.


In the settings menu, you can change which emojis you would like to represent the various friend achievements.

So now you know all about Snapchat Friendships.   Our next post will focus on Snapchat Stories.  Until then, practice what you have learned so far.  Snapchat a friend or two.

What are your thoughts about Snapchat so far?


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