Small Business Saturday

Small Business SaturdayHave you had your fill of turkey?  Maybe planning to do some “Black Friday” shopping?    Save some of your $$$ for tomorrow as we celebrate “Small Business Saturday.”

I’m a Fan!

I have always been a fan of Small Business Saturday.  It’s hard for small businesses to compete with the big guys.   It is a chance for the small local “brick and mortar” store as well as the online business to shine.

Small Business Saturday has been a powerful opportunity to reconnect with customers and boost sales. In 2017 CNN reported that 108 million shoppers spend $12.9 billion Small Business Saturday at independently owned businesses. The 2017 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey reported that four in 10 people or 43 percent of American adults either shopped or dined small on the day.

Take Advantage of the Day

It’s important to make the most of this special sales event.  If you are the seller, think strategically and find approaches that hopefully can help you strengthen relationships and business all year long. If you are a purchaser, know that you are helping a small business owner to keep the doors open.  You are helping the local community.

Customer Shout-out

Titan SubseaHere at Upstream Marketing, we love working with small businesses and helping them get started.  One of our clients I would like to give kudos to is Titan Subsea Innovations. We designed their logo, business card, company brochure, product brochure and website to help them successfully launch in 2018.


So make the most of Small Business Saturday.  Remember if you don’t participate, you are missing lots of opportunities.

Be sure to promote the event whether participating or not, by using the hashtag #ShopSmall to help remind others to shop small businesses in their area!

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