Should You Start A Facebook Group?

Facebook GroupFacebook Pages are the public profile of a business, non-profit organization or other commercial entity on Facebook. They allow you to interact with your customers. Pages are similar to a personal Facebook profile, in that the Page owner can post status updates, create events and post pictures and videos.

A Facebook Group is a bit different in that they help small groups of individuals communicate and share ideas. Features include the ability to post private updates, collaborate on documents, chat with group members, schedule group-only events and share group-only photos. Anyone in the group can send group-wide messages or edit group documents.

So as an industrial business, you can decide if you want a Page and a Group, or just a Page.

Do You Need A Group?

Let’s look at the differences to help you decide:

  • Pages are pretty much public for the world to see.  Groups can provide a more private place for dialog and can be a hub for communicating.  A Group could be used to answer questions and provide support.  It all depends on your security settings.  An open group is available for anyone to see.
  • Anyone can connect with a Page by “Liking” it and then posting.   A Group allows you to limit who can have access.  So you could limit it to only your customers.
  • A Page allows you to sponsor ads, promote posts, etc. to catch the public’s attention.  The ads can be targeted to certain demographics.   In a Group, only members will see it.
  • Facebook does not publicly link admin profiles to Pages, but admins automatically show up in Groups.
  • Both Pages and Groups allow you to schedule upcoming posts and publish automatically.
  • Groups allow you to set group rules and as the administrator, you can kick people out if they don’t follow the rules. Pages don’t give you those rights.
  • Groups provide moderating tools for administrators.
  • Groups are best for cases where a discussion is the main focus. A Group wouldn’t really help you promote your industrial business to the public, but a Facebook Group for Industrial Leaders could help link you to industry peers.
  • Groups are also great if you want to create a support network.

Only you know if adding a group is right for your Industrial Business.   If you think it will help your clients then, by all means, go for it.  But if you don’t think it would be helpful support for them then save yourself the work.  Move on and don’t stress over it.

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