Reusing Live Content for Your Industrial Business

Facebook  LiveFacebook Live gives your industrial business a triple whammy!  You get to interact live with your followers and they can watch it on Facebook later.  But you also have the opportunity to download and edit the video for use on your blog or YouTube.

This is a huge benefit as it means that you can make something professional out of your live stream! It’s probably one of the very best features.  You can also make other content out of it.

Are you wondering how this can be done?  It is actually very simple.

Step by Step Instructions

Editing Facebook Live video is just the same as editing any other video that you may have posted to Facebook.

  1. Click on the date of the post in the timeline to access it.

  2. Click on the three dots under the video on the right.

  3. Choose ‘edit video’.

  4. You will then see an “Edit Video” page, where you’ll have a list of items on the right

  5. A place to enter a description will appear.  You can also change the title if you wish

  6. Under that is a place for tags.  These are Keywords that will help people find your video.

  7. On the left, you will see a thumbnail.  If you click on it you can select a different thumbnail or upload your own thumbnail picture.

    • Creating great thumbnails is a very important strategy for getting more people to watch your videos. Facebook, like YouTube, will automatically generate thumbnails based on the content of the video – but you can also pick thumbnails from your existing photos, or upload photos to use yourself.
  8. You can add subtitles and captions to your videos.

  9. Another thing you can do is to add a call to action.

    • This is very handy for marketers as it will let you convert directly from your live video! This will normally take the form of a ‘Buy Now!’ or ‘Subscribe Now!’ and will require you to choose a URL. Make sure that you include this message verbally in your video too, that way you can direct more sales to your site and the video will be reinforcing what you’re saying.
  10. At the bottom, you will see three dots.  Click on them and you can select a download option to use somewhere else.

  11. At the bottom, you can click on  Published and schedule an expiration if you only want it to be viewable on Facebook for a limited time.

  12. Save your edited video and you are finished.

These tips will help you edit your Facebook Live videos to use on your industrial business website and other places.

Other Ideas

Some other ideas for using the content from a Facebook Live:

  • Have a transcript created and post as a blog post or with the video on your site.
  • Make a slide show of the key points covered and use on social media or your website.
  • Pull key points from the transcript of the Live and use on social media as blurbs.
  • Download the video and then cut it up and use tiny segments on social media.
  • Combine transcript from several Facebook Live events into one ebook.
  • Download the video and play on a computer or TV in your place of business.

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