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Reflect on Your Year and Plan for 2018

ReflectAs we near the end of the year, it is always good to reflect back on the last 12 months.  What worked well, what did we accomplish, what can we do better, what do we need to just cross off the list?  All these questions and more should be part of our reflection.

We work hard all year and many times, when the end of the year comes we feel like we haven’t made much progress.  We had all these great resolutions and goals, but now 12 months later we haven’t accomplished all that we set out to do.   It is easy to feel like a failure.  But STOP!  Reflect on what you actually accomplished.


Take some time to reflect on the positive and the success you and your company had.  Focusing on these things will help you to bring similar success into your life in the future.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

There are a few questions you should ask yourself about the past year.  It might help to get the calendar out to review what actually happened.  Or if you keep a written record of projects etc. it would be helpful to review the list.   You could also scroll through your blog if accomplishments are noted there.  The questions below can pertain to your business and/or life in general.

  1. What happened that made me smile?
  2. What happened that made me feel accomplished or proud?
  3. What happened that other people noticed and commented on?
  4. If you have tracked numbers for growth review them and see the proof, you should be able to answer the question, “Have I grown?”
  5. Am I making more money with my business than at the beginning of the year?
  6. Where did I make steady progress even though I didn’t reach my goal?
  7. Who did I help through the year?

Something to Celebrate

Answering these questions should help you see your successes throughout the year and give you something to celebrate.   Things do not have to be perfect to celebrate.   As we reflect on the year we need to celebrate our small triumphs as well as the big projects.

As you are celebrating your accomplishments,  begin thinking of how to build on them for 2018.

2018 will be here in just a few days and you want to be sure you are ready to hit the ground running and make it the best year ever!