Punctuation Day

Punctuation Day

Has anyone ever joked with you about being a member of the punctuation police?  Are you forever correcting punctuation mistakes of others in your head?  If so, today might be your day.   Today is Punctuation Day!

Punctuation Day is an unofficial holiday that aims to spread awareness and educate people on proper punctuation and the virtues of using the appropriate punctuation in any kind of writing.

What is Punctuation?

Punctuation is the use of typographical signs, spaces and other mutually agreed upon symbols in a language that help the understanding of written text. The main purpose of punctuation is to convey the correct meaning and intent of the text.

Everyone has a punctuation issue of some sort, mine is when to use a semicolon versus a comma.   But my friends over at Shea Writing & Training Solutions  have helped me.

History of Punctuation Day

Punctuation Day was established by Jeff Rubin. Punctuation can be tricky for some people, those who struggle to know when it’s appropriate to use a colon, or a set of brackets, or even an ellipsis.


The day was established to help reinforce the lessons we learned in elementary school, and to reinforce their use and to show just how important they can be to ensure that what you write is properly interpreted as what you mean.

Need Some Help?

If you are in need of a good technical writing company that knows everything there is to know about proper punctuation you need to contact my client, Shea Writing & Training Solutions.

They have a Tip page that I reference quite often.  The tips have been a great help to me.  The tip page includes items such as when to use who or whom, a or an, commonly misused words, email etiquette and more.

So enjoy Punctuation Day and use the day to make sure your writing includes good punctuation.

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