Jones Hydraulic Service Jones Hydraulic Service

An online marketing strategy that helps in the good times and the challenging ones too.

Jones Hydraulic Service

Jones Hydraulic Service is a distributor for leading manufacturers.  As a distributor, Jones competes with manufacturers that sell direct, other distributors in and around their area, large suppliers like Northern Tool and Harbor Freight, and online retailers like Grainger and Amazon.

For over 18 years, UpStream Marketing has helped Jones Hydraulic stay competitive by using the latest online marketing best practices.

UpStream Marketing worked with the team at Jones Hydraulic to:

  • Design (and continuously update) a website that represents a vast product offering.
  • Make it easy for first-time web visitors to know the manufacturers that Jones Hydraulic represents and the different products that they carry.
  • Help them to adapt as the market changes.  The price of oil can fluctuate from a high of $132.13 in May 2011 to a low of negative $37.63 a barrel in April 2020 and where it is today.

As their business was constantly transforming, Jones Hydraulic Service needed a continuous visual transformation as well.

The redesigned has individual product pages to educate technical and non-technical industrial buyers about the product lines they carry and the manufacturers they represent.

All sales sheets, spec sheets, and other manufacturer information are branded with Jones Hydraulic logo along with contact information.

Establish and maintain a Google Business Profile  (formerly Google My Business) for Jones Hydraulic Service.

B2B buyers primarily use Google as their search engine of choice, when they are looking for sales, service, or repair.  They are looking for a company who can help them with their current needs, and that is convenient to their offices or job site.

That’s why UpStream Marketing created a local Search Engine Optimization and Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) strategy for Jones Hydraulic Service. As new generations enter the workforce, Jones Hydraulic needs to stay up-to-date with its web presence and online marketing efforts.

After 18 years of working together, UpStream Marketing has built a strong marketing strategy that has helped Jones Hydraulic grow in the good times and the challenging ones too.

Looking to reach potential customers in your local market and sell more? UpStream Marketing can help.

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“We have been working with Upstream Marketing for 17 + years now. They are a partner to our success. They are just a phone call away if I have anything I need to run by them. If I don’t call them, they will call me with an idea. I would recommend Upstream Marketing to any company looking for a true marketing partner.”

– Jones Hydraulic

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