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Hocker Inc.

Hocker Inc. represents some of the leading manufacturers (Labino, Proceq, Chemetall, Echo Electrosonics, Met-L-Check, AGFA, NSDS Products, and more) in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) industry.

Hocker Inc. has been in business for over 48 years, so they know their industry well. Hocker Inc. wanted to take their business to the next level, so they began working with B2BCFO®, and B2BCFO® contacted UpStream Marketing to handle the marketing part of the business plan.

UpStream Marketing partnered with Hocker Inc. to develop a new marketing strategy that included a move to e-commerce, local marketing, and SEO strategy, and fractional marketing director services.

Think like the buyer

Hocker Inc. needed an e-commerce website that would be easy for current and potential customers to use.  UpStream Marketing worked with Hocker Inc. to create product categories and names based on how customers identify products, which makes searching for them easier.

B2B buyers do the majority of their research online before talking with a sales representative.  The new Hocker Inc. e-commerce website needed to have detailed product information, technical specifications branded for Hocker Inc., and more.

The website needed to be simple enough for potential buyers to find the product they were looking for and provide enough information to make them feel comfortable enough to purchase it.

e-commerce website

UpStream Marketing helped Hocker Inc. build an e-commerce website featuring 1,000 + products.

The new e-commerce site designed by UpStream Marketing makes it simple for Hocker staff to:

  • Update product information
  • Add new products including product photo, description, shipping information, price, and more.
  • Remove products that have been replaced with a newer model or that have become obsolete.
  • Receive orders that have been placed and paid for and need to be shipped or made available for local pick up.

The eCommerce website works like a sales rep and has its own monthly sales quota.

Local Marketing & SEO Strategy

In addition to a new e-commerce website, UpStream Marketing also helped Hocker Inc. create an e-commerce Search Engine Optimization strategy.  Potential customers search by manufacturer, product name, product description, and sometimes, the problem the product solves.

On a local level, UpStream Marketing used Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) to reach the Houston market.  Google Maps made it easy for Houston businesses to find the Hocker Inc. warehouse for local order pickup.

Fractional Marketing Director

Hocker Inc. wanted to focus on their day-to-day business, so they hired UpStream Marketing to be their fractional marketing director.  As the fractional marketing director, Upstream Marketing creates and implements the marketing plan, eliminating the need for an additional salaried employee.  UpStream Marketing meets with Hocker management monthly to discuss marketing goals and objectives and create a custom plan.

With UpStream Marketing on their side, the team at Hocker Inc. can focus on what they do best and be confident they can adapt to the ever-changing buying habits of their customers.

Looking to increase your local online presence and sell more? UpStream can help.

Schedule a consultation today.

“We’ve been serving the NDT Industry since 1973 and marketing was the last thing we ever thought about until a few years ago.  Upstream Marketing helped us move it to the forefront of what we’re trying to do today. We now have a successful eCommerce business, thanks to the work of Upstream Marketing.”

Hocker Inc.

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