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A website to match the rebranding of their products and product packaging


Burton Sausage

Does anyone actually want to know how the sausage gets made?

All-natural sausage brand Burton Sausage believes their consumers do. That’s why parent company Double R Brand Foods wanted a custom website to showcase Burton’s delectable product offering while also emphasizing their commitment to quality and no artificial ingredients.

After the success of the Holmes Smokehouse website (visit the Holmes Smokehouse Project), Burton Sausage parent company Double R Brand Foods commissioned UpStream Marketing to bring the same level of innovation and design to the new burtonsausage.com.

UpStream Marketing worked with the Burton Sausage team to:

  • Bring clarity, focus, and cohesiveness to the Burton Sausage brand and design a homepage made to resonate with the target market
  • Design a website that complemented the redesigned Burton Sausage packaging and branding

This updated, on-brand website pays homage to Burton Sausage’s commitment to natural ingredients and positions Burton Sausage as the “go-to” all-natural brand.

Award-Winning Design – Again!

The UpStream Marketing team won several design awards for BurtonSausage.com:

The American Advertising Federation (AAF), Houston Chapter, at the 59th Annual American Advertising Awards Houston

  • Gold Award in website development
  • Silver Award in website development

The American Advertising Federation Tenth District (which encompasses Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma):

  • Bronze Award for website development

The team at UpStream Marketing is considering changing our tagline to “Sausage Web Design King of Houston!”

Want to increase customer engagement with a website that tells your brand story while also showcasing your products?

UpStream can help. Schedule a call today.

“Upstream Marketing created an amazing website for Burton Sausage. We presented to them our branding standards for the rebrand of Burton Sausage, and the website they designed far exceeded our expectations. Their expertise and design skills are top notch. We are thrilled to have chosen Upstream Marketing to create our website and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants functionality and a responsive site with a modern and professional appearance.”

Burton Sausage

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