Planning Your New Website

Planning Your New WebsiteAre you planning a new website for the start of the year?  Or maybe you need some sprucing up for your current site.  It’s not too early to start planning.  Time flies as we get closer to the holidays so start now to plan for that new awesome site.

Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of my website?”  That sometimes takes some thought to answer.


In my book, 52 Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine, I highlight several things you could do to get started with the planning process.

Tip #1 Begin with the end in mind

In the end, what is the purpose of your website?  What results do you want to be seeing?  Whatever you come up with write it down.I recommend to my clients that they write the purpose of their website on the whiteboard in the office.   So every time someone comes in to discuss the website you can see the purpose.  Keep it front and center in your mind.  To learn more about this tips you can check out this post, The Pupose of Your Website 

Tip #2 Stay true to your purpose

There should be only one primary purpose to your website.  Are you selling something, motivating someone, educating your customers?

A clearly defined purpose will emerge from your design, functionality, and content of your website.  Everything you include on your website should help you reach the purpose of your site.

Tip #9 More than pretty

There are lots of “pretty” websites that are just pretty and don’t make the website visitor do anything before they leave the site.  You want your site to work for you.

So, once again, What is the purpose of your website? It’s easy to forget Tip #1, especially when you start thinking about the elements that make up your new website.  So remember the purpose of your website as you plan.

Client Shoutout

One of my clients who has done an outstanding job of planning prior to launching is Hocker Inc.  Hocker Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative that serves the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Industry.  The NDT industry is very diverse and thus includes the inspection of base materials used in fabrication as well as the most complex finished aerospace parts. The bulk of their business consists of the test labs that support the Aerospace, Petro-Chemical, Drilling, and Production industries.

When deciding the purpose for the new website they decided they wanted to sell the products they represent online through an e-commerce website.  For months before anything was discussed regarding how the site would look, they focused on how their current business model would support an online e-commerce website.   They stayed true to the purpose they came up with and in the end, they have the new Hocker Inc. website  at  The website which includes over 1,500 products available for purchase online.

A big shoutout to Hocker Inc. for a job well done!

More Tips

You can get all 52 tips when you purchase the book, 52 Tips to Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine. Grab your copy today.

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