Pinterest Inspiration For the Industrial Business

Pinterest Inspiration

We’ve been talking about why you would want to use Pinterest for your industrial business, now let’s talk about how.

Using Pinterest for your industrial business can not only increase traffic to your website, but it can also increase your sales and your list of prospective b2b clients. All of that sounds great, right? But how do you make that happen?

Using Pinterest doesn’t have to be difficult, but your efforts do need to be focused and not random. By creating boards for different purposes, you can streamline the information you post and increase your traffic based on the specific information Pinterest users want to see.


Want some inspiration? There are so many opportunities for board topics, and many B2B brands are already taking advantage of these topics and tactics with rich visuals:

Company Infographics

Infographics are a great way to showcase what you do and why your product or service is beneficial to your clients. Plus, people love infographic and engage with them more. They like learning a lot of good information in a short, easy to understand graphic.

Create your own infographics to share or find others that would interest your clients and share them to your board.  Pinterest is optimized for long, tall graphics, and they look darned impressive when they are all pinned together on a board.

Products or Services

Obviously, you want to tell people about what you do, sell, or make, but engage them with visuals of your products and services. Creating Pinterest images to showcase what you do will create more engagement with your Pinterest board and increase the number of clicks to your site.

Blog Posts

All of your blog posts should include an image to make them easy for your followers to share on social media. Create a board where all of your blog posts can be found in one place. Visitors can then view your board and easily find blog posts that interest them.  Check out 22 Steps to Building A Successful B2B Business Blog for information regarding building your blog and content to include.


A board with your email newsletter content will make it easy for people who aren’t subscribed to still be able to see what information your company is putting out. It will show prospective subscribers a sample of what they can expect to see in their inbox. Don’t forget to include a pin that links to your email signup!


Are there specific keywords you’re trying to rank for? If so, create a Pinterest board with these keywords as the board title and include the keywords in the board description. Then pin several pins to those boards that relate to the keywords you’re using. It will help you rank in Google for your keywords.

Industry Tips and Tricks

Use text-over-image formatting to turn long-form tips and tricks articles into bite-sized pinnable images.

Offline events

Create boards for your important industry events, where you are already creating and aggregating tons of visually oriented content.


Show your followers who they can expect to be working with. Give them a behind-the-scenes view of your industry and the people who make your company possible. This will allow your prospective customers to put a face to a name as they reach out to your company.

There are so many great ways to increase your traffic and sales using Pinterest. These are just a few to get you started. Think about what other information your prospective or current B2B customers would want to know about your company.  Start boards for those topics.

If you’re not sure about creating Pinterest images, use Canva or PicMonkey to get you started. They both offer free versions that help you create Pin

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