Pinterest: Getting Started

Pinterest Getting StartedThe ever growing social media circle has introduced many new ways for people to interact, whether through chatting, the sharing of thoughts, or the sharing of photos. Pinterest, one of the top social networking sites, allows people to communicate by sharing and “pinning” photos they love to virtual bulletin boards customized to their individual tastes and interests.

The Basics Of The Pinterest Site

Many people use Pinterest to plan important events in their lives. Whether they are pinning photos they want to use to plan a birthday party, wedding, or baby shower- or they pin photos of rooms and decorating ideas they want to use for the design of their home; users are able to display a wide variety of likes for all their friends and followers to see.

Using Pinterest for your business is a great way to showcase your products, services, customers, etc.

Help With Pinterest:  The Basics

It is fun to browse pins that are already on Pinterest.  You can get ideas for things, DIY projects, recipes, decorations, etc.  Also pay attention to the types of pictures that get the most attention, how other businesses are using Pinterest and “Pins” that are popular.  You can “pin” things you find on the internet as well as uploading items directly to Pinterest.

Pinterest has a special toolbar you can download to your browser,  It allows you to create pins out of virtually any photo you find on the internet. The only thing they ask of you is you give appropriate credit to the website where it was found.  It creates a link so people can see the proper information when viewing the pin. Help with Pinterest pinning instructions can be found on the website in the “help” section, including tutorial videos.

What is a Pin Board?

A pin board is a place where you keep all of your pins from a certain category. Some ideas for pin boards; Recipes, Home Décor, Clothes, Shoes, Hair, Crafts, Art, Drinks, Architecture, Sports, Books, Movies, Products, My Designs, Places I want to go, etc. Anything you can think of, you can make a pin board out of.

 Likes and Repins

On Pinterest, you can do two things to acknowledge a pin you like. You can simply “like” the pin (similar to a Facebook like), or you can “repin” the pin.

When you “like” a pin, the image is added to your likes- a section of your profile. Liking a pin does not put it on any of your pin boards. Choosing to “repin” the image will give you the option to add it to the appropriate board. If the image doesn’t go with any of your created boards, you can create a new board immediately, and add the pin to that board.

Pinterest is a very basic social networking site that allows its users to do quite a bit.

I asked a friend of mine how they use Pinterest,  “I use my Pinterest account similar to that of a vision board for each category. Things that I love to see and wouldn’t mind having, or wouldn’t mind having the ability to do, are all on my pin boards. I can go back and look at them whenever I want a little bit of inspiration!”

Think of how you could begin to use Pinterest!



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