Pinterest For the Industrial Business

PinterestAre you using Pinterest with success?

You may be thinking that Pinterest isn’t right for your business. Is this really a good place for B2B businesses to find customers? Can you reach your target market? Or will it just be a waste of your time?

Whenever the subject of Pinterest comes up with B2B marketers, the exchange I often hear goes something like this:

“We are an Industrial B2B brand, so we aren’t on Pinterest.”

“Why not?”

“….because we are an Industrial  B2B brand.”

Is Pinterest for B2B Business?

B2B marketers have yet to fully embraced Pinterest; only one in four B2B marketers reportedly use the channel for content distribution.  And industrial businesses are an even smaller ratio.   But the rationale for tip-toeing around the network is a detrimental self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most people associate Pinterest with design inspiration, wedding planning, and home decorating. A place for marketing fashion, DIY crafts, and recipes or some other female-buyer oriented consumer good. It’s not generally thought of as the place for industry and B2B companies.

This is a misconception!  It may surprise you to know that Pinterest alone drives more site visits and more sales than all other social media sites combined. Yes, you read that right. Combine Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and any other site you can think of; it still won’t drive as much business as Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social network where strategic thinking, data visualization, idea generation, and workplace inspiration come to life. It is also a search engine where you find the things you need or want to buy.

B2B companies like IBM, Oracle, HP, Microsoft, and Cisco are making use of Pinterest.

Pinterest Statistics

Here are some interesting statistics to help you understand why you need to be on Pinterest:

  1. 250 million people use Pinterest every single month. And that number is up by more than 5 million from 2017.
  2. In 2018, more than 50% of new signups were men.
  3. Want to drive new business from outside the US? 80% of new signups are from other countries. The top five countries using Pinterest are: America, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and India.
  4. In early 2017, Pinterest reported that over 100 billion images had been pinned. By September 2018, the number of pinned images jumped to 175 billion.
  5. 80% of Pinterest users visit Pinterest on their mobile devices, when they’re on the go or killing time.
  6. 90% of weekly Pinterest users use it to make purchase decisions.
  7. 55% of Pinterest users are seeking a specific product.
  8. 78% of Pinterest users say that content from brands is very useful for brand recognition, brand interaction, and purchase decisions.
  9. Pinterest advertisers average $4.30 gross return for every $1 spent on their ads.

Does SEO Matter For Your Company?

If SEO is a key part of your digital marketing strategy, Pinterest is a very important social channel for your B2B Brand.

Clearly,  Pinterest is engaging users, driving traffic, and increasing sales. And with an increase in users, you’re more likely to reach your B2B target audience. You are also likely to expand your reach to an overseas market using Pinterest than by using other social media sites.

With all of the potential reach available through Pinterest, if you’re not already using it for your industrial business, you need to start.  Be the first in your industry and lead the way.

Wondering what to post?  We will provide some inspiration in our next post.

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