Performing a Website Audit – Part 2


In our previous post, Performing a Website Audit – Part 1, we reviewed the things to look for with your website goals, effectiveness, and design.  Today we are looking at management, user-friendliness, SEO,  content, and security on your website.


So let’s get started with the rest of your website audit.


Is it easy to manage these aspects of your site?

  • Upload and/or edit content
  • Embed videos
  • Upload images
  • Create events
  • Post a new blog post
  • Format a post or page for SEO


  • Is your site available for mobile devices and tablets?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it load quickly?


  • Does every page and post on your site have a meta description and is it keyword-optimized?
  • Is the text on each page helpful, informative, rich in SEO keywords, and at least 300 words?
  • Do all the links on your pages and in your posts work?
  • Are your pages set up for easy social sharing?
  • Do you have title tags, description tags, alt tags on images?
  • Do you use both outbound and inbound links?


  • Does your homepage clearly describe what you do or sell?
  • Do your landing pages have engaging text?
  • Do you use creative titles for your blog posts?
  • Are you providing fresh content on a consistent basis?
  • Do you have spelling and grammar mistakes?


  • If you sell product through your site, do you have an SSL Certificate?
  • Do you frequently run security checks and maintenance updates?
  • Do you use plugins to catch spam and attempted logins?

These steps along with those in the previous post, Performing a Website Audit – Part 1, are the beginning to a good audit. In part three and four, we’ll get more in-depth with your website performance and SEO to help you do a full audit and set yourself up for success.

Auditing your website is not a one-time task and can be time-consuming, but if you’re using your website to sell your products or services, it needs to perform at its best for you.


52 Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Sales MachineCheck out our book of tips, 50 Tips To Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine.

I’m offering my ebook for 99 Cents as a way to help non-profits and small business owners get a good start to preparing their website for 2019.


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