OTC 2012 Day Three – Live from the floor

The slogan for this year’s OTC should be Go BIG or Go Home.

It has been a long time since I have seen exhibit booths the size of this year’s exhibits.  All the major players are here and their presence is BIG.

Most of the major equipment makers have the actual equipment in their booths and we are not talking outside booths.  The main exhibit hall which is called Reliant Center is where you can see these large exhibits.

Here are just of the few companies with large exhibits:

GE Oil & Gas



Stewart & Stevenson


Oil States







Brazil – large country display promoting Brazil companies.

All of the booths are packed with people and the one’s that are 2 story look like they have client meetings going on upstairs. The Oil & Gas Industry is strong!

If you make it out to the show, make sure you visit the Spotlight on Technology Showcase.  Some great award winning technology.  The sessions being held on the 2nd floor of Reliant Center are excellent.  I attended one on Deep Water Construction Equipment – a vision for the future. 

I have also seen some of the smaller exhibitors sitting down in their booth with their head down reading email on their smartphone as I walk by.  As my good friend and trades show training veteran Hiett Ives with Show Dynamics would say “It does not matter the size of your booth, what matters is the quality of leads you come away with.”   Always give a good impression when someone is walking down the isle and sees your booth.  Then ask the right questions to qualify your prospect.

OTC 2012 Day Three – Live from the floor of OTC is correct.  With the easy to use content management system that the Upstream Marketing website is programmed in, I can blog and make updates to this website from anywhere there is an internet connection.  I’m actually writing this blog post from the Internet Cafe on the second floor of Reliant Center.

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