OTC 2022 – Day 4 – Last Day

I cannot believe it’s already day 4 of OTC 2022.  If you are an Offshore Technology Conference veteran of years past, you likely remember Day 4 being called Student Day.

In the past, area high schools would invite students that had an interest in science and engineering and let them tour OTC on the last day.  Area school buses would fill the parking lot. Supporting organizations of OTC would have volunteers that would be the tour guides of OTC.   I personally was a tour guide for a number of years.

There are no student tours scheduled for Day 4 of OTC 2022.   It’s a normal day at OTC.   A couple of items to note for Day 4:

Parking is still $20.00

There is no free admission, you still need a pass to attend OTC Day 4.

The presentations are still going on and there are some good ones that are saved for Day 4.   Check out the OTC 2022 Day 4 Presentation Calendar

The trade show floor hours are from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

If you have never been at OTC when the 2:00 PM hits, you are in for a surprise.  The trade show floor closes for visitors and move-out starts.   In the past, it was the isle way carpet that was rolled up first.  There is no isle carpet at OTC 2022.   After 4 long days, companies that have been exhibiting are ready to go home.  Slide banners start coming down; the dolly hidden behind the trade show booth backdrop appears, and boxes are there ready to pack up literature and swag….  OTC 2022 is over for the year.

What Day 4 is great for is to first hand what the products actually look like.  For many of us in marketing, we see photos and videos of products that we market, we don’t get to see firsthand what the products look like.  I used to use Day 4 of OTC to go and actually see what a Well Screen or Hose Fittings that weigh hundreds of pounds look like.  The booths will still be manned, so if you are there to just see the products, let the people in the booth know.  Most will be happy to explain the products.

See my blog OTC 2022 Day 2 for a list of exhibit booths that you will not want to miss.

To the exhibit staff that now have the responsibility of taking down the booths, I hope it was a great show for you and your clients.  There were some pretty amazing booths this year.  Great job!

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