OTC 2014 Exhibitors – Our Clients

OTC 2014 is just days away.  May 5-8, 2014

The location is Reliant Park Houston, TX

Upstream Marketing has a number of clients that will be exhibiting at OTC 2014.  Please stop by and visit with them while you are at OTC.

Custom Safety Products – Booth 4409

PSRG – Booth 4479

Containerhouse – Booth 4225

Hawk Industries – Booth 5205

Kepner Plastics – Booth 3106

Omron Oilfield & Marine – Booth 1401

Whitefield Plastics – Booth 4562

Quality Connector Systems – now part of Oil State – Booth 3125

Stewart & Stevenson – Booth 225, 3141

Shea Writing  & Training Solutions – Booth 1710

Stress Engineering – Booth 3649

CA Richards & Associates – Booth 3917

Please also support the organizations that help support OTC.

Marine Technology Society (MTS) – Booth S11

Society of Underwater Technology (SUT) – Booth 1269

For a full list of OTC 2014 Exhibitors please click here

OTC 2014 Schedule of Events please click here

I wish all my clients and everyone attending OTC 2014 a very successful show.

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