New Technology for TV Viewing

Thinking about building a custom home or making plans for the latest and greatest technology upgrade to your Theater room?   Then consider the new 4K and OLED TV’s technology that was all the rage at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show conference in Las Vegas.

Not yet on the market and still without a price tag was the 4K TV.  It has four times the resolution as a 1080p .  All these pixels packed into the display give you better resolution than you can get on a 1080p HDTV.  The good news is that true 4K video that isn’t readily available to the public. Upscale1080p video from a Blu-ray player on a 4K TV looks a bit more defined than the same content on a 1080p HDTV, but you really have to be trying to find a difference.

If you want to thoughtfully examine the intricacies of a high-resolution image or read a book on your TV screen, you want a 4K TV. If you want your face pleasantly melted off by a majestic festival of light, OLED is the way to go.

OLED HDTV uses a new emission technology so each pixel creates it’s own light verses the traditional LED that makes light and it goes through the LCD to get the picture.  There is no blacker black than the black you’ll see on an OLED TV, and colors look vivid and twinkly against that pitch-black background. You also get ultra-wide viewing angles. Because of the display’s fast response rate, fast motion looks fluid on the screen, and 3D content looks amazing. OLED TVs don’t need a backlighting system, so they’re the thinnest HDTVs on the planet; LG’s first OLED set is less than 0.16 inches thick. An OLED display can also be malleable; both Samsung and LG showed off curved prototype OLED sets at CES 2013.  Most commonly used by movie houses for color correction and editing.

A TV can be both a 4K and an OLED set, just like a 1080p TV can also be a plasma or LCD set. In fact, there were two 56-inch 4K OLED prototypes at the CES show: one from Sony, and one from Panasonic.  The version on display was crisp, vivid, and quite frankly one of the most beautiful displays ever seen.  It is just a prototype for now, so we don’t expect a price or release date any time soon, but we’re willing to be that this gorgeous marriage of OLED and 4K resolution will break the bank when it first hits the stores.

Guest Blogger Dawn Cornell with the Cornell Real Estate Group, “We help our clients make smart real estate decisions”

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