What is Needed For a LinkedIn Company Page

Once you build a solid foundation with your completed personal profile and network by sharing updates, it may be time to add a company page.

Let’s go over the areas and options associated with a company page.

LinkedIn Company Page

A Company Page allows you to focus on your business in-depth with 4 main sections – home, careers, analytics, and notifications. It is a great option for business owners like you.

You can promote the page in different ways and look at page stats. (You don’t see those stats on your profile page.) You can list your products or services and give updates through LinkedIn from your blog. As long as you have a business name, and a business email address you can create your company page.


Before we begin, please make sure you meet the requirements to build a page.

You can add a new Company Page only if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile set up with your true first and last name.
  2. Your profile is at least seven days old.
  3. Your profile strength must be listed as Intermediate or All Star.
  4. You must have several connections on your profile.
  5. You’re a current employee of the company and your position is listed in the Experience section on your profile.
  6. You have a company email address (e.g. john@companyname.com) added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account. Please make sure the email is an individual company email address (i.e. tom@abccompany.com) and not a distribution list nor a role-based email address (ex: webmaster@, postmaster@, admin@, etc.) as we do not send email confirmation to alias email addresses.
  7. Your company’s email domain is unique to the company.

To build a company page, you would go to the Add a Company page.

Instructions to add a Company Page:

Company PageTo build a company page, you would go to the Add a Company page or follow the instructions below.

  1. Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Companies.
  2. Click Create in the Create a Company Page box on the right.
  3. Enter your company’s official name and your work email address.
  4. Click Continue and enter your company information.
    • If the work email address you provide is an unconfirmed email address on your LinkedIn account, a message will be sent to that address. Follow the instructions in the message to confirm your email address, and then use the instructions above to add the Company Page.
    • A red error message may appear if you have problems adding a Company Page.
    • A preview of your Company Page is not available. When you publish the page, it is live on our website.

Note: To publish your Company Page you must include a company description (250-2000 characters including spaces), and company website URL.

Page Details

Below you will see my friend, Sandy Lawrence’s Company Page for her business Perceptive Public Relations.

  • Overview – This is where you’ll add your company name and a company description. Think very hard about the description. You can use up to 2000 characters. If you’re not sure how to write a company profile, you can hire a copywriter to help you get the wording right. This is very important!
  • LinkedIn Company PageDesignated Admins – You can add LinkedIn connections as admins for your page. This helps you create a like-minded team of experts while the connections and exposure will help everyone involved.  You don’t have to add other people, but you can if others are on your team.
  • Direct Sponsored Content Posters – If anyone you’re connected to wants to post content on your behalf, you can list them in this section.
  • Image – This is like a banner or cover image. You need to upload the image at the right size for this area. Read the instructions carefully.
  • Logo – If you have a business logo, add it here. You want your business or company logo to be simple, original, versatile, and easily recognizable.
  • Company Specialties – This is the area to make your experience shine so you can get noticed. Include specialties for anything that you do, even if you’re not doing it as a main source of income. (Unless you’re not interested in doing it anymore.)
  • Featured Group – If you created a LinkedIn group or you are an admin for another group, you can add up to three groups to this page with the free account.
  • Engagement – You can share updates by linking to a blog post or video. The content you share here will be shared with your followers on their feed.
  • Analytics – This important area allows you to check how your content is performing and how you’re building relationships.  We will go over analytics more in another post.
  • Today’s Social Actions – This area of your company page shows the actions you’ve done today to make an impact and connect to others. In addition, if your company is mentioned by anyone it will show up here.

With a company page, you can also create career pages to help potential employees get info about your brand, see small business resources, or showcase a page for just one product, service, or brand.

Take a few minutes over the next few days to complete your page information.  In our next post we will discuss how to make your profile and page start to work for you. 

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