National Coffee Day

Coffee Day

As many of my clients know I drink Decaf Coffee.  I even bring my own  K-Cups to my clients’ offices or the clients that I see quite often have started stocking Decaf Coffee K-Cups just for me. Much appreciated.  I have the best clients!

Coffee is as integral a part of American culture. When the colonies revolted against King George III’s reduction of the tea tax, this sparked a mass switch from tea-drinking to coffee-drinking.  Now, more than 200 years later, it is still the morning drink of choice.

September 29th is National Coffee Day and I would like to give a shout out to a couple of my friends who own coffee companies.

I have a good friend Nancy Camden who runs a small coffee company called Ozark Hills Coffee.   Ozark Hills Coffee is a premium small-batch, roast to order coffee company.  You can find the coffees that Ozark Hills has available for sale online at

I was recently introduced to Matt Toomey with Boomtown Coffee here in Houston.  They are a specialty roasting company with two retail locations as well as an online store.   Here is a video of Matt discussing Boomtown Coffee and his background.  (can we embed the video)

Their website is

Celebrate Coffee Day

There are a number of ways you can celebrate:

  • Drink a cup of coffee.
  • Try a new coffee brewing method.
  • Buy a cup for a friend.
  • Provide free coffee at work.
  • Try a new flavored coffee.
  • Enjoy some coffee flavored ice cream.
  • Indulge in some ribs with coffee bbq sauce.
  • Use the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay to post on social media.

Fast Fact

Coffee is good for your brain.  It doesn’t just perk you up in the morning, it helps the brain produce dopamine and adrenaline, helping you to remember things.  Studies indicate that regular coffee consumption can even reduce the likelihood of developing dementia by almost 65%.

So join me as we fill our cups with joe and raise a toast to America’s favorite caffeine fix for National Coffee Day.


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