Marketing with Snapchat

Snapchat for BusinessWe are talking about the fun social media app, Snapchat,  that is increasing in popularity.   We went over the tips to get started in our post, Snapchat for Beginners.  We also covered a few other Snapchat topics, Snapchat Friendships, Snapchat Stories, and 9 Tips for Using Snapchat.   Now we are going to get into the nitty, gritty of how you can use it for marketing your business and brand.

Depending on the type of business you have and what your goals are, you can make Snapchat work for you helping to spread brand awareness and make  more sales.

In order to use Snapchat correctly with your business, you need to make sure you have defined your target audience. Know what their pain points are, what their demographics are and how YOU can solve their problems.

Getting Started For Business

  • If possible, you want to open a business only account. (One account per email address and phone number)
  • Like all accounts, you should choose your display name carefully.  This is the first impression you  make on your audience and you want to make it a positive one.

Collect More Friends

Some ways you can add friends to your business account.

  • Use sharable, scanable code. (Snapchat provides this in your account.)
  • Create exclusive content.  These could be images with text or videos, just make sure it is relevant to your audience.
  • Use promotions. Create VIP experiences.  (Promote special events, “Behind the scenes” info, new products and services before the public, etc.)

Spread the Word

Get the word out about your business.

  • Create demo stories – put together five or six Snaps to create a demo.
  • Create brand stories – a few Snaps can be pulled together that tell your brand story.
  • Entertain – don’t be boring, but make sure it is relevant information.

Get the Audience Involved

Answer frequently asked questions – have the audience submit via Snapchat and answer via Video.

Coupon codes – have a flash sale with a code only for Snapchatters.

Give rewards – Freebies that no one else gets such as a checklist or tips.

Last minute offers – Only snapchatters get to enjoy them.

Finding Success With Snapchat

A few final tips for business success:

  • Cross Promote
    • Talk about Snapchat on other social media.
    • Mention Snapchat in an email.
  • Be Yourself – don’t try to imitate someone else.
  • Metrics 
    • Keep track of the numbers – New friends and screen captures.
  • Keep promotions in check
    • A promotion a day is enough.
    • Seek to build a relationship with customers, not just sell, sell, sell.

Combine these tips and it should make a difference in your business.  Snapchat can contribute to your success.

Are you using Snapchat?  What do you think of it?

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