Making Your Industrial Video SEO Friendly

SEO FriendlyIf you’ve been reading along in the YouTube video series, you’ve learned why you need a YouTube account, how to start your own channel, and how to upload your first video, and how to embed that video on your website.

Now it’s time to get your videos seen. And for that, you need to build SEO so that viewers looking for the kind of content you’re creating can find you. The best way to do that is to write a description for your video that is SEO friendly.

How to Write the Description for Your Video So It’s SEO Friendly

Here’s how to write a description for your video that is SEO friendly:

  1. Explain what your video is about

The first few lines of your description show in the preview of your video so use this space wisely. Explain what your video is about and why someone would want to view it in just a few short lines.

  1. Encourage subscriptions

Once someone clicks on your video, they will be able to view a few additional lines of your description. This is a good place to encourage subscriptions or a “learn more” link to your website.

  1. Include as much information as you can

When a viewer clicks on your video, under the initial description is a “show more” button. You can use this area to include lots of valuable information like additional links, a list of products used, links to people or companies you collaborated with, or any other information you’d like to share. All of this information is calculated into the algorithm that determines who sees your preview.

  1. No tags

Your description area is not the place for your tags. This is against YouTube policy and can get your video booted from YouTube and get your channel shut down if you continue to do it. Not to worry though, there is a “tag” section under your description where tags are encouraged. Tags don’t need to be full descriptions, just keywords and phrases that describe your video.

Writing a description of your video and adding a few keywords and phrases in the tag box can significantly improve your SEO results and get more views of your videos. It’s worth the time and effort to add this information. Don’t forget to include a link to your website and ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. This will help you build a respectable following on YouTube and get more clicks over to your website.

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