Make Your Content Stand Out!

Content Stand OutIn our last post, we talked about the importance of content.  Having good quality content is still king and the secret to getting people to read your posts and come back for more.

Develop Your Content to Stand Out

You want quality but you also want it to look enticing and be easy to read.  These tips will help your content stand out:

Tip 26: Use Bullet Points

Bullets are attention-grabbing and help speed up the reading of your website by breaking down the information.

Bullet Tips:

• Think of bullets as mini-headlines.

• Include keywords in your bullets.

• Do not use sub-bullets.

• Keep bullets simple and easy to follow.

Tip 27: Size Does Matter

When it comes to the size of the FONT used on your website, the size does matter.

Don’t make people squint to read your content. If it’s difficult to read your content, your web visitor will be frustrated and leave.

When deciding the font size to use, ask yourself:  What is the age of your target market?

If your target market is older, a larger size font might be best.  Also, remember many people are reading on their phone so the font will be smaller there so even if you have a younger audience, a larger font size may be wise.

Tip #34 Proofread

Have someone read over your website content for spelling, grammar, capitalization, and context.
I recommend having someone that is not familiar with your organization to read over the content.  At the very least, you want to save it as a draft and come back and read another day and hunt for errors.  You might also want to think about using a tool such as Grammerly to help you find
You want it easy to understand for current clients and future clients. When in doubt, hire it out and have someone else proofread.


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Learn More

Check out my book,  52 Tips to Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine, that features additional tips to help you turn your website into a sales machine or contact Upstream Marketing.

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