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Logo Design: Your Business Identity

Recent LogoA logo is important to a business.  Your logo design is how your business is recognised.  For your business, it reflects  your values and principles. It is a powerful marketing tool!

Logo design establishes your identity to the world.


I recently read some statistics regarding logo design that I thought you might find interesting.

  • 32% will not buy or use anything from a company whose logo they do not like.
  • 41% of Americans don’t trust companies whose logos they dislike.
  • 38% chose a new brand because of its logo.
  • 63% said a poorly designed logo made a brand look cheap; therefore, they would not trust the company.
  • 44% believe a simple design results in a good logo.
  • 59% choose a  new brand because of its packaging.
  • 41% think color is important in designing a good logo.

These logo design statistics are relevant whether you are designing a logo for a product that will be displayed on a retail shelf or designing a logo for a new industrial company.

People pay more attention to logos than most people realize.

Recent Logo Changes

You will probably recognize some of the logo changes in this article, 10 Best Logo Changes of 2015.  Even great companies with easily recognized logos often need to change and update.

So take a look at your logo.  Is it speaking to the world the way you want it to?  Do you need a logo redesign?  Perhaps UpStream Marketing can help you.


Logo Design Statistics provided by TheLogoCompany.net