Instagram Marketing Strategies for Industrial B2B Companies

You may have figured out by now that you really should have an Instagram account for your business, and maybe you’ve already set one up. But what do you do with it? How do you market your product or service to other business? And how do you attract more business using your posts?

Having a marketing plan for your Instagram account is just as important as having a marketing plan for your business. If you don’t know how you will reach your market, it’s not doing you any good.

Marketing Strategies

Here are some great strategies to use your Instagram account to its fullest ability.

Get Creative

Instead of focusing on selling, focus on the end result. How will someone’s life be better or easier for using your product or service? What is your solution to their problem? If you provide a service, share the process behind what you do and why, introduce your audience to your team of employees, share tips. Manufacturing and industrial businesses are amazing, and you should make it known to your followers.

You can also use Instagram Stories, which are short videos, only available temporarily for your followers to view.

Go Behind-the-Scenes

People are always curious about how your product is made or how you deliver your service. Show them! Give them a tour of your offices, take them to your factory, show them the process that goes into what you do.  Show them the equipment you use.  How it is used and who is using it.  Share images of company meetings, outings or team-building activities. Your audience will enjoy getting a glimpse into a day in the life at your company.  Make sure what you do is in line with your company’s mission.


Promoting your culture and team provides a good segue to posting about your open career opportunities. Your audience will learn a lot about your company from your Instagram account, making it an appropriate medium to communicate your open positions and encourage people to apply.

Spend Time on Your Profile

Your Instagram profile will be the first introduction that many people see of your company, make it good. Write a strong statement that tells people what you do and what you believe in, making sure to keep it under 150 characters. The only clickable link in your account is the link in your profile, so keep it current and make sure it goes to the page that you want your prospects to see first.

You can also add a plugin called Linktree that allows you to add more links. Basically, your Linktree URL is the one you put in your bio then you add links to your products, services, and blog posts to it. When someone clicks the link in your bio, they’ll be able to find direct links to posts or pages you want them to see.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Using strong hashtags will help increase your visibility and following. Be sure to add a few popular ones to each post that speak to what it is.

You can also start your own hashtag that reflects your company or something you want to promote and encourage others to do the same. IBM started the “viewfrommydesk” hashtag to encourage their employees to post pictures of where they work, a behind-the-scenes look at the company. It caught on and soon millions of people were posting photos of their workplace using the hashtag.

Analyze and Repeat

Take a look at your most popular posts and figure out why they were so popular. Was it a great photo? A popular hashtag? What made people engage with it? This will help you figure out what your audience likes to see and help you figure out what you should be posting more of.

Instagram is a great media platform if you use it well. Make sure you spend some time figuring out how you will use it to market your business for the best results.

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