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Facebook Profile

Let’s dive into the technical aspect of how you set yourself up on Facebook.  As an industrial or manufacturing business, you’ll want to have a Facebook Page. But before you can do that you’ll need to set up your profile.


Your Facebook profile is the place where people can learn more about you.  You the person!  You may think this is not something terribly important when all you want to do is promote engagement for your industrial company on Facebook…but it is important. First, you won’t be able to set up your business page without a profile and second, your personal network can help to build the audience you plan to generate with your Facebook business page.

“About” Page

 Here’s your chance to provide relevant information about what it is you do and/or what is important to you.   Where you attended college, where you have worked, where you work now, etc.  There is also a “Details about you” tab on the about page and this gives you the opportunity to provide a brief bio.  Be sure to include your website and other details.   The advantage here is that you may have friends that will be in a position to recommend your product or service to others.  Make it easy for them to do so by providing a comprehensive and interesting “About” page.

 Profile Picture/Avatar

Whenever you post on Facebook you will be identified by the picture you upload to your profile. The only exception to this happens after you set up a business page when you will then be given the option to post as your personal profile or as your business.

You’ll want to choose a picture of yourself (I suggest a clear and engaging headshot as your profile image.)  Some people like to feature their pets or favorite beach shot but I would recommend you avoid such options.  Remember you’re in the business of building credibility and trust and the more potential customers see your online presence as professional and engaging, the better off you will be.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is a significant percentage of your Facebook profile page and you should choose something that reflects your interests, family or hobbies.  Whatever you choose, again, make sure it is not an embarrassing snapshot or some other picture that doesn’t support the way in which you want to present your company as your presentation on a personal level will closely linked to your presentation on a professional level those very people who you hope to have as loyal fans and customers.


Everything posted to your profile page can be published as private content only viewable to the people you choose.  You have the choice to make private or public certain posts or all of your posts.

Start Things Off With Invitations

The way to get involved in conversations on Facebook is to invite others to be your friend. These may be people you are already friends with in other networks or in real life or people you are even less familiar with but would like to know based on your shared interests (something you might be able to read on their “About” page if they made it public).

Remember, Facebook is for building relationships, not just for selling.  So use your profile to connect and build your network.

Once you have a profile you can set up a Facebook Page for your industrial or manufacturing business.  We will cover the steps for that in our next post.

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