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Facebook Pages

Once you have a profile you can set up a Facebook Page for your business.  A Facebook Page will represent your industrial business and allow you to interact with others as your page.  It keeps your business in front of the eyes of customers and allows you to get news out about your business and provide quick customer service.

Statistics show:

These statistics alone should convince you of the need for a Facebook Page for your industrial business.

Facebook Page for Your Industrial Business

Let’s get your Facebook Page set-up:

Naming your Page

Once you’ve chosen to “create a page,” you’ll be given the option of assigning a name to that page. Once assigned you’ll see that Facebook provides you with a dedicated URL that includes the name you’ve chosen but also a string of numbers. To get an attractive vanity URL (like you can search for “facebook vanity URL” for instructions. You no longer need to have a minimum number of fans.


Fans are people who visit your page and plan on coming back because they like what they see.  Facebook gives these people something really tangible to do to demonstrate publically their interest in your page. They can click on a “Like” button at the top of the page that tells everyone how many people have liked your page to date.


Your “cover” refers to the large image that you can place at the top of your page. You can feature any photo you want about your business as long as it meets Facebook guidelines. According to Facebook, the dimensions should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall (for best results). NOTE: all covers are set to public so anyone on Facebook can see your Page cover.

Profile Picture/Avatar

Facebook recommends you choose an image that is 200 x 200 pixels for your avatar, however, your avatar will be shrunk down considerably in the News Feed so you should choose a photo that provides a large clear shot of your face.  Some people use their business logo and that is fine as long as it stands out and is distinguishable.

Link to Your Website

Facebook allows you to link to your website and add various contact info in the About session.   Be sure to complete this section so people who are interested can find you.

Start things off with Invitations

To get your Facebook community business page “going” you’ll want to start by inviting your friends to support your page. Once on your page hopefully they will click the like button so that your number of “Likes” will go up and others will note the increasing popularity and join as well.  As your community grows so will the conversation on your page as long as you are following an engagement plan that ensures quality content is posted to your Facebook page on a regular basis.

Our next post will cover how to get that Facebook Page buzzing with engagement.  So go and get the Facebook Page set up so you are ready to connect with customers.


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