Industrial Marketing Using Facebook Live

Facebook LiveIn our last post, we covered the many reasons you should consider using Facebook video for your industrial marketing business.  Today we are going to look specifically at Facebook Live.

As the name suggests, ‘live’ means that you’re filming videos and streaming them live. So instead of creating content using a camera, editing it and then uploading it to Facebook or YouTube, you are instead filming and streaming directly.

Using Facebook Live for Your Industrial Business

How can using Facebook Live help your industrial business? There are many ways that social media has become a business tool. Facebook Live may be intimidating to some but it can really help your business. No matter how you feel about seeing and hearing yourself on video, your customers and potential customers will appreciate the effort. That video may make the difference between them choosing your business over another.

When a person likes a business’ Facebook page they are used to business updates, announcements and links to blog posts as well as industry related posts. With Facebook live you can help your “fans” put faces and voices to your business posts increasing your “relatability”.

Personality is a hard thing to convey via social media. You may have several anecdotes or business related stories to tell that just don’t go over well in text format. Now with Facebook Live you can be your amazing self and use your personality to help promote and improve your industrial business. Even if the first few Facebook Live events don’t go very smoothly, before long you’ll find your groove.  You will begin to talk to your followers as if they are friends while still promoting your business or services.

When other businesses on social media see a business using Facebook Live, it speaks volumes.  It shows them that the people behind the page are interested in their feedback and improving customer relationships. You may think that something as simple as getting on camera and saying “hello” to your followers is not a big deal but it can make a huge difference in how people think about your business.

Get Followers Engaged

Having a business page on Facebook means that you need to post at least once a day, maybe more, in order to keep your followers engaged. You don’t have to go live that often. Perhaps set up a live event each week such as a Tech Tuesday or Miserable Monday. You and your followers can discuss work events and open up communication.   This shows your business fans that you are a real person behind the industrial business willing to help solve their business problems.

There is something that viewers find remarkably exciting about watching something live and this also gives them the ability to ask questions, have a discussion and get feedback live.

Imagine reviewing your latest industrial product during a live feed. You could build a huge audience and at the same time answer questions and even show off other aspects of the product that you might otherwise have glossed over.

Any step you can take to personify your industrial business in the eyes of potential customers is a benefit.

The next post will take you step-by-step, on how to do a Facebook Live.  So get ready to be bold and go “Live.”

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