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Indexed Web Pages

Have you ever checked just how many of your website pages are indexed?

If you are wondering what indexed is and why this is important, before your website can rank well on Google, Yahoo, Bing and most search engines, your pages must be indexed in the search engines.  This means your site is present in the search engines.

Here are some simple steps to find out the number of Indexed Web Pages for your domain in Google.

1. Visit Google and in the search box, type in the following information.   site:yourdomain.com  (use your own domain address in place of yourdomain.com)  So if I was doing an index search for UpstreamMarketing,net I would type in site:upstreammarketing.net

2. Note how many pages returned.  The total at the top is the total number of pages indexed for your domain name.

The higher number of indexed pages, the more value your website has in the eyes of the search engines.   Remember content is king!