How to Use SlideShare, Step by Step

How to use slideshare step by step instructionsMaybe you’ve been thinking of using SlideShare to increase views to your website and help your prospects understand what you do, but it seems daunting. It’s really much easier to use than you may think. And if you already know how to use PowerPoint, it’s incredibly easy.

For these step-by-step instructions, we’ll be using PowerPoint, which will allow you to create a presentation to add to SlideShare or use it for a demonstration.

Getting Started

First, you’ll need to choose your presentation topic, most likely something to do with your product or service. SlideShare presentations are better received if their concise and targeted. Don’t make your presentation too long and make sure your topic is something that will interest your prospects.

You also need to determine the type of presentation you’re going to create. Will it be a list, a how-to guide, or an informative type presentation?

Next, select your presentation design. Remember, this is your brand so use something that speaks to your brand. You can use a ready-made template in PowerPoint, find inexpensive, downloadable templates on Etsy or Creative Market, or create your own.

Finally, write or outline your presentation making special note of your title, keywords, clickable links, and a call to action.

Creating Your SlideShare Presentation

  1. Open PowerPoint and select your design template.
  2. Use the available text boxes, or add your own, to create your presentation slides. You can do this by clicking on “Home” then “Layout” to choose a layout for the slide, or by clicking “Insert” then “Text” or “Image” to add a text box or image to your slide.
  3. Use the above method to layout each of your slides in your presentation.
  4. Add new slides by selecting “New Slide” under “Home” and choosing your layout or by right-clicking on a slide you want to copy and selecting “Duplicate Slide” on the drop-down menu.
  5. You can easily adjust the order of slides by left-clicking your mouse on the slide you want to move in the left column, holding the mouse key down and moving your slide up or down using your mouse.
  6. Add images to your slides to make them more engaging.
  7. Be sure to add a wrap-up slide with a call-to-action.
  8. When it’s done, save it and upload it to your SlideShare account. Click the “Upload” button on your SlideShare account in the top right corner, then click “Select files to upload.” Select your presentation from your files.
  9. Fill in the upload screen with your title, description (using keywords), category, and tags. Also, select if this is a public or private presentation.
  10. Finally, share your presentation link on your social media sites and embed the link in your website so your site visitors can check it out.

SlideShare is a great way to increase your website traffic, pick up new prospects, and provide more information on your products and services. It’s easy to use and takes very little effort to learn. Get started on your SlideShare presentation today!

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