How to Submit Your Videos to YouTube

youtube5The process of submitting your video to YouTube is easy. You just have to follow the rules.  It is a five-step process.

  1. Create a title
  2. Select the keywords for your video.
  3. Write the description
  4. Choose your tags.
  5. Upload the video.


To get started, click the “Upload” button  in the top right to access the upload page.


At this point you should see a screen where you can set your privacy and then select the file to upload.

Upload Youtube

Upload Video

Once you’re ready to upload, select the video file from your computer and press upload. As long as the video is in a format YouTube understands (which includes avi files, mpeg files and mov files), your upload will begin immediately.


You’ll be presented with the box in which you can write your title.

Upload Youtube

Your title is the most important part of your video, apart from the actual video itself. If you have a great title, more people will click on your video. More people will link to your video. More people will pass it on to their friends.

A poor title will get a video glossed over, even if the video itself is great.

The title for your video should fulfill several criteria:

  • Include your main keywords in it.
  • Convey the main story or concept of the video.
  • Catch attention and make people want to view it.


Selecting keywords is a crucial part of the process. Start with using the Google Keyword Tool to figure out what keywords get traffic in your niche.

Also do intuitive research by browsing message boards and other websites to figure out what other people care about in your market.

Although not every video you upload needs to have keyword rich titles, at least a good portion of them should.


Once you have your title, then you need to write a great description.

The description serves several purposes: It tells people more about the video, it can answer additional questions that weren’t in the video, it can tell other people about you and it can link back to your website.  You can also link it to your facebook page as well or a sales page.

Keep in mind that although links in YouTube are technically “no follow” links, meaning they don’t pass authority back to your website, many experts still believe that such links have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.


Choose the best tags to go along with your video. Tags are much like keywords in that they help other people find your video. Brainstorm as many related tags as you can. One good trick is to simply look at your competitor’s tags and use similar tags for your own videos.

You can change the privacy and/or the custom thumbnail if you wish.  At this point you click on publish.

You’ll see an upload bar with a percentage that shows you what percentage of your video is finished uploading. Once the upload is complete, then your video is uploaded!  Congratulations!

You followers can view the video on YouTube or you can embed it on a web page or share a link on Facebook.  Happy Viewing!

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