How to Publish on LinkedIn for Industrial Businesses

Publish on LInkedInPublishing your articles and blog posts on LinkedIn is a great way to get better reach and ensure that your connections see more of your content. But if you haven’t done it for a while, sharing a post might seem a bit confusing.

This step-by-step guide will help you become a pro at publishing your content and engaging your connections.

How to Publish on LinkedIn

  1. Go Home

After logging in to your profile, click the home button. This is not your profile page so be sure you click the button on the top of your screen that says “home” with the picture of the house.

  1. Write an Article

Once on the home page, you’ll see a space to share a post that looks similar to posting on your Facebook page. It will say “Share an article, photo, or update.” Directly under that, you will see a button that says “Write an article,” click that. Make sure you’re clicking the button and not inside the post box or the button will go away. If that happens, just remove any text from the box and click outside it to get the button to reappear.

  1. Add an Image

Your post should have an image to draw more attention to it. Near the top of the page you will see a place to add your header image with a picture of two photos and a “+” sign, just above the word “Headline.” LinkedIn recommends an image that is 698×400 pixels, but most hi-resolution photos will work. If you don’t own the photo, be sure to credit the owner by clicking the “add credit and caption” link just below the image.

  1. Add Your Headline and Post

Under the image, add your post title by clicking on “Headline.” There’s no limit to the number of characters, but try to keep it short, engaging, and add a keyword or phrase. Once you’ve added your headline, you can add your post by clicking in the space below it. You can either type your post in this space or copy it from another source and paste it into this space. Make sure you proofread the post for any typos and formatting errors. Also, if it was originally published somewhere else, add an italicized note at the top of your post. For instance, This post was previously published on

  1. Add a Bio

Share a short bio at the end of each post and be sure to include a link to your website or another relevant page. Your post can be viewed by people who have LinkedIn accounts and those who don’t so you want to make sure your readers have a chance to know something about you. Try adding a call to action to your bio as well. It can something like asking them to sign up for your email newsletter or a program you offer with a link to that page. And a photo of yourself is a nice addition as well.

  1. Publish

Once you’ve completed all the above steps and you’re satisfied with your post, click the “Publish” button in the top-right corner. A pop-up will appear that says “You’re almost done . . .” and asking you to insert a comment. Add a short comment stating what your post is about. This will appear in the newsfeed of your connections and encourage them to click on the link. Once that’s done, click “Publish” again and your post will be sent out to the LinkedIn world.

Congratulations! You’ve published a LinkedIn post. Now keep up the good work! The more you post, the more your connections will learn about your industrial business.

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