Heat Mapping and Why You Should Use It

Heat mappingHeat mapping is a visual representation of how your online visitors are engaging with your website. It uses mouse clicks to record the areas of your site that get the most interaction and attention. Basically, it tells you what your visitors are clicking on in a visual format.

Beef Up Your Content Marketing Strategies

Heat mapping is beneficial to your content marketing strategies because they help you determine what your visitors show the most interest in. You can use heat mapping to see what posts, ads, pages, and content get the most clicks. It shows your site in the infrared spectrum with red being the highest area of engagement and yellow being the least. (Don’t worry, only you can see the heat map once you install the app.)

Using heat mapping, you can determine where you need to improve, what type of content your visitors are most interested in, and what type of content you can get rid of. It’s best used in conjunction with Google Analytics. Heat mapping gives you qualitative data while Google Analytics gives you quantitative data so using them both together you can get a full picture of your analytics.

Measures Visitors’ Interactions

Heat mapping offers more specifics and measures how visitors interact with your page by showing you:

  • The areas of your landing page that get the most clicks.
  • Sections of your page where visitors hover the most.
  • Specific parts of your page where visitors focus their attention.

It also allows you to see the areas your visitors don’t have an interest in. This allows you to decide if you want to rearrange your page. If there’s something you want to feature, you can move it to an area where your visitors are engaging more. And if there’s content your visitors don’t seem to care about, you know that you need to make some changes to either the content or the placement.

Provides Insight

Heat mapping can give you some insight into how easy or difficult it is for visitors to navigate your site and show you if you need to rearrange your layout.

You can also use heat mapping to determine how your headlines are being received. Are longer headlines discouraging visitors while shorter ones are getting more attention? This will help you determine the best way to write your posts in the future and decide if you want to change any of your current content.

You may notice through your review of heat mapping along with Google Analytics that men are more visual while women tend to seek out information. You may also notice that your visitors are paying attention or ignoring information in the columns or banners. They may even be engaging less with rotating banners.

While heat maps won’t answer all of your questions about your visitors, they will help you improve the layout of your site and the type of content you publish to get a higher engagement rate. They can help you improve your marketing strategies based on what your website visitors show the most interest in.

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