Happy Birthday to Google!

Google BirthdayToday is a special day!  Google is celebrating its 20th birthday, today, September 27th  and it is my birthday!     That calls for a celebration!


Google’s birthday has shifted around over the years, but it currently is celebrated on September 27th. The exact year of Google’s “birth” depends on who you are talking to.

Larry Page began the project as his doctoral thesis. The idea was to crawl and rank search results based loosely on the idea of “citation,” which is mainly an academic currency.

He worked on the project for several years.  As the project progressed it was renamed Google, and the algorithm it employed was named PageRank. Google is a name that comes as a play on the word “googol,” which is a number represented by a one followed by a hundred zeros.

Google Launched in September 1998

The Web domain www.google.com was registered in 1997, but officially opened for business in September of 1998.

Generally, Google uses the 1998 official business launch date to calculate their age in years.

In recent years, the Google birthday was generally celebrated on September 27th.

My Birthday

Baby BrianToday is my birthday as well, although I’m a few years older than 20. I’m shown here in a picture with my mom when I was a little over a year old.   I plan to celebrate by googling some interesting facts and eating some yummy cake.

Interesting Facts

Here are some fun facts about Google and about me.


Interesting facts you might not know about Google:

  • Google was originally named “Backrub”
  • The company rents goats to eat their grass instead of mowing.
  • Google owns common misspellings of its own name as well, such as www.gooogle.com, www.gogle.com, and www.googlr.com
  • If you have registered for a Google Account, you’ll see a personal birthday cake doodle on your birthday.

You can learn more interesting things about Google at 15 Fascinating Facts About Google.

Brian Bearden

Interesting facts you might not know about me:

  • I was born in the United States but not born in a state?    Washington, DC.
  • My marketing career started after college at Quick Wok a national fast-food Chinese restaurant that at the time was owned by Pillsbury.  They also owned Burger King. Sorry to say Quick Wok did not make it at that time but it paved the way for Panda Express.
  • I appeared on the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon with Rodney The Reindeer to present a check when I worked for Burger King.
  • I’m the past chair of the Marine Technology Society, Houston Chapter.
  • I am a Harris County Master Gardner.


So help Google and I celebrate our birthdays by eating some cake and spend some time searching online learning something new.  Here’s to another great year!


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