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Google My Business offering Call Monitoring System

Google My Business Call Monitoring FeatureGoogle is working on a new call monitoring system that allows a business to keep track of phone calls that originated from search. The calls will be recorded in one place to help business owners monitor who called and more importantly, respond to unanswered calls. The time, date and number will be saved for 45 days .  You must be using the Google My Business APP.  It will not work on the desktop version of Google My Business.

It’s not available just yet, although it is being BETA tested with some SMBs.

In order to remind the small business about this new Google feature, every call the business receives will start with a short message to say the call originated via Google.

Google will override the business’s actual number with a forwarding number – this may not be appropriate for all SMBs.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the operating hours for many businesses.  Google is looking to help those businesses with this new feature.

I’m taking a wait and see approach on this particular feature.   There is currently a COVID-19 Update Post that you can use to let your customers know of your current situation.  The only issue with the COVID-19 Post is that that overrides all other Google My Business Posts.   This means that your Google My Business visitors will only see the COVID-19 Post and no others.

I will keep you posted on any new Google My Business features that I hear about. My way of helping you “Put Your Business on the Map”.