Follow Up! Increase Your Bottom Line

Increasing sales is on everyone’s mind.  But how do you make that happen?

Follow Up

What if I told you all you had to do was “follow up” with people who contacted you?

Yes, you read that correctly.  All you have to do is “follow up” with leads.

Sales are Missed

Many sales are missed because people fail to follow up.  Research shows, that 80% of potential opportunities are lost because of lack of follow-up.

If only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up this leaves lots of room for growth and business expansion.

Eighty percent (80%) of people who have reached out with interest are left hanging because of lack of follow-up.

By following up you are assuring potential customers they can trust you and you build a relationship with them. It helps to make people feel like working with you or purchasing from you is the right decision.

Tip # 41: Follow Up!

Be committed to following up.  In my book, 52 Tips to Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine, I include a tip about this. Tip #41:   Use the “Contact Us” form on your website for generating leads and follow up daily.

If people are contacting you, they are most likely contacting your competitor as well.   The company who follows up in a timely manner will probably get their business.

Follow up isn’t difficult, they already expressed interest.  Just contact them and ask how you can help.

Don’t Have a Contact Form

If you don’t have a “Contact Form,” now is the time to create one.   Check out some examples of different contact forms that we here at Upstream Marketing have created.


If your website reaches technical buyers they will have no problem filling out more detailed forms.

For the NAVCO website, their audiences are engineers and technical buyers for particular industries that might be spec’ing one of their products into another product or technique.   For their contact form, they asked specific questions and even gave the option of having attaching documents or drawings to the contact form.

ICS General Contractors

For ICS General Contactors their target market may be on a construction site and used on their mobile devices. We added a simple contact form at the bottom of their home page in the footer section.

When looking at the site on a mobile device this is the last thing that you see when you scroll down to the bottom of the site.   It’s an easy 4-field form so someone can easily fill out and ICS can easily receive and follow up.

Want More Tips For Your Website?

52 Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine

In this comprehensive tip book, you will learn how to turn your website into a strategic, powerful marketing and sales tool that help you reach your target market and improve your bottom line.

If you just started your business and this is your first website, or you are looking to recharge your business through your current website, this tip book is for you.

52 Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine


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