Firework Sales Embrace Technology

July 4th and New Year’s are two times of year that fireworks are sold in my area.  Now, because of the drought, we have been experiencing in Texas and the fire ban, some cities are deciding to ban fireworks and use sequenced drones.  Using drones is a great topic for another blog.   This blog post focuses on Firework Stands embracing technology, to help their potential customers buy.

I walked into a fireworks warehouse that had a sign that said sales of these fireworks benefit area schools.  As soon as I walked in I was asked what type of fireworks I was looking for.   I wanted a one fuse box that would have a number of firework shots for a good finale. This is July 4th, not New Years, my neighbors and I, go a little crazy ringing in the New Year.

A high-school-age girl met me and in her hand was an iPad.  She asked again what type of fireworks I was looking for.  I repeated what I was looking for and she showed me her tablet.  Each fireworks box that was for sale on the shelf had a name and on her tablet was a video that represented what kind of firework show you would get from that firework.

She would tap on the name of the firework, a picture of the firework box would appear and then a video of the firework show would play.  She showed me two videos and by the second one I had made up my mind.  I was sold.

Using technolgy to sell fireworks

It was not long before I noticed almost every worker selling the larger firework boxes had a tablet and once they showed a video to a prospective firework buyer the sale was made.

This is great marketing that could be used in most types of businesses.   What is the end result your customer is looking for when they purchase your product?   For fireworks, it’s the presentation once the fuse is lit.   By showing their customer what the end result will be, their customer knows what to expect.   There is an ROI for the money spent.    Prices for Fireworks are up in 2022 because of supply chain issues and inflation.

Think about how your business could use technology to help educate your potential customers along the buying cycle.

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